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External And Internal Works Carried Out.
Traditional Method

This method is more suited to ground level properties ie high st businesses, shopping centres and bungalows. As this is the original way of cleaning windows and has been around for such a long time, it is still very popular with many customers.

High Level Window Cleaning

Our reach and wash system is quick, efficient and allows us to work externally on properties up to 60ft , with the safety of working from the ground.
This is a cost effective way of cleaning large scale buildings compared to other access methods.

Fascia, Signage, Soffits And Shutter Cleaning

We understand that first impressions are very important and the exterior of your building could well be the first contact your customer has with your business. This is why external cleaning is so important. At Accurate Cleaning we use non-scratch chemicals and equipment, leaving your fascias’s, signs, soffits and shutter’s very clean to give your business the maximum impact possible.

Solar Panels

To keep your solar panels working efficiently they need to be kept clean. With the reach and wash system we can keep your panels clean, giving you piece of mind that they are producing the highest level of energy possible.

Conservatory Cleaning

Conservatory cleaning can be a difficult task for most people but with the reach and wash system we can have your conservatory looking as good as new in no time. Conservatories should be cleaned regularly to stop mildew from spreading and to keep your conservatory as light and bright as it should be.


Cleaning UPVC,s can be time consuming but at Accurate Cleaning we can take the hassle away and do the hard work for you. Algae, moss and bird droppings can cause discolouration, having your UPVC’s cleaned regularly can prevent this and extend their life, therefore saving you money in the future.

Gutter Cleaning

To protect your property weather commercial or residential, your gutters should be cleaned on a regular bases.
Blocked gutters can cause dampness, water damage and even encourage mold growth, which could result in some costly repairs.

At Accurate Cleaning we minimize disruption and lower health and safety risks by using a vacuuming technique that does not involve the use of ladders. It is a quick, efficient, hassle free and a cost effective
way of having your gutters cleaned and protecting your property. We also offer a free inspection before carrying out any work.

Cladding Cleaning

Whether it be commercial or residential properties, Tired looking cladding could leave a poor impression on your clients or visitors. Having this cleaned regularly will prevent regrowth of mould and other plant life which in turn will extend the life of your property. It will also help to hold the buildings value making it easier to rent or sell in the future.

We clean all types of cladding such as UPVC, aluminium, concrete, stainless steel, composite and glass. No matter the age or condition of your cladding we can inspect, clean and if needed renew with a fresh coat of paint.

Our method of cleaning is quick, safe, professional and cost effective, leaving your property with a high quality finish.

High Level Internal Vacuuming

Do you have a property with hard to reach places that need cleaning? Dust and other dirt can build up in places that are difficult to access especially in larger buildings with high ceilings such as factories,
schools, gyms or office blocks. This dirt can cause health hazards or even a potential fire hazard.
Using our high level internal cleaning equipment we can work from the safety of the ground with out the use of expensive access platforms, making this a cost effective way of cleaning these areas.